About #Swissguesser

Professional hang-gliding pilot, amateur parachutist or simply in love with aerial imagery...? —

If you are looking for a challenge and like Swiss geography, you have come to the right place! Fly over the Jet d'Eau in Geneva, the cobbled streets of the old town in the city of Bern or enjoy a scenic view onto one of the over 2,000 municipalities and thousands of sights and points-of-interest we have collected.

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How does #swissguesser work?

  • We tweet every morning and afternoon an aerial photo, surface or relief map of Switzerland. Reply as soon as possible with your guess of the municipality or place shown in the image. The fastest correct answer scores 5 -30 points, slower ones score a fifth of that.

  • What about privacy? — If you score, we display your Twitter handle, your all-time and 30-day #swissguesser score and rank on our public leaderboard. Your participations and guesses are stored internally and displayed if you ask for statistics by tweeting «score» at @swissguesser. If you don’t want this, please let us know in a Direct Message to @swissguesser indicating your Twitter handle. See Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

  • How will you know if your #swissguesser answer was correct? — If you were the first to submit a correct answer, @swissguesser will mention and congratulate you. If you were correct but not the fastest, we will like your answer tweet. If there is no interaction, you were off – better luck next time!

  • You want to know your current score? — Simply go to the leaderboard. Or ask @swissguesser by tweeting «score» (or more politely, for example: «What is my score, please?» 😉) at us. We’ll do the calculations and send you your current rank and stats.

  • How does @swissguesser decide on how many points to award per challenge? — We decide based on image difficulty, which in turn is defined by what is shown in the image. You can (try and) bribe us with chocolate 😉.